Swimming Pool to Pond Conversion – Let us walk you through the construction process!

Transform your swimming pool into a natural pond.  Use it as a watering-hole for local wildlife, for natural ambiance, or a place to dip your feet in the summer time. All aspects of your existing pool that can be reused are considered to help the pond function. We will then create a 3D design around your budget and propose the style of your new backyard.  See other pool removal options here. 


  • Swimming Pool to Pond Conversion
    • Step 1: Consultation with designer
    • Step 2: Meeting to Confirm design, confirm costs, confirm materials.
    • Step 3: Sign contract and define schedule.
    • Step 4: Pre-Construction Meeting
    • Step 5: Begin Construction
  • Average projects of this degree will take 2 months to 6 months
  • How loud is it: During working hours there will be use of machinery and jack hammers.
  • Start Time: Will typically begin construction at sunrise. Although, we will ultimately work around your requests.
  • At completion we will set up a  meeting with a wildlife specialist to discuss your new habitat and future wildlife pond friends!
  • Before any construction begins we will create a site plan and get the pool removal permitted


  • Instead of removing the pool, allocating your costs to making your backyard even more beautiful and fun!
  • We use rubber tracks (to help prevent damage to surrounding property)


  • Average cost for redesign of pool area into a natural pond: $15,000 to $100,000+


GET FINANCED – : https://finance.aamfg.com/?pb=372271

Pool Removal Options